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BK Elaine Brooke

When I was a little girl I made dolls cradles from shoe boxes and matchboxes, complete with drapes and covers etc. and sewed outfits for the dolls. As a teenager I bought material from the market in the morning, made a dress in the afternoon, and wore it at night to the youthclub dance. As I went to college and then into office work – I made smart suits and evening dresses for myself as I liked the uniqueness and the fact that no one else had the same clothes as me. With my present “spiritual eye” I realise I was nurturing my individuality through practical creativity.

The sewing has had it’s day, also the art classes at night school. Now I am a 73 year old grandmother, my creativity has taken on a new perspective. I have been meditating and delving into spiritual knowledge for over 20 years, and my creativity has been re-awakened. After early morning meditation, I often write down my feelings, realisations, observations about life. In it’s essence, it can be labeled “poetry”. This early morning time is when my mind is clean and clear before the day gets started, and it is when ideas come, creativity blossoms and the pen flows over the page line after line. When I write I could be writing to myself, to God, or to the world. To move things from my mind on to a physical piece of paper, makes it firm and I would say it is a healing process. There is a letting go of anxiety and worry on the one side, and getting to know and emerging the “real” me on the other side. It feels so good!

I am so pleased I have found creativity again at this time in my life, in the form of words with a spiritual essence which I hope will resonate with other people.

Day by Day – Little by Little
26 September 2013

The other day I threw down Anger
And it smashed into thousands of little pieces
More manageable on a day to day basis, I thought.
So when Irritation tickled the soul
I managed to soothe it with gentle loving thoughts

The following day, Judgement rose up to state it’s case
Compassion and Acceptance encouraged it sit down.
And it did eventually calm down,
Because when a scene is surveyed as a Detached Observer
Bias and Misunderstanding take a final bow, and dissolve into the ether

Then today, Criticism slapped me right back in the face
To remind Self Worth to take control again.
Actually, it was Self Esteem who realised
But it was too late – and the slap really hurt.
I won’t do that again!

It seemed Lust was left behind a long time ago
As age settled down in a comfortable fireside chair
Not too comfortable to be complacent
Because it only takes one moment of carelessness …..

Ego would not be left out of the scene.
No matter what Humility and Self Respect said.
He just kept jumping in
Simply because he was the eldest and knew everything.
Or thought he did!

However, Attachment was clinging as though life depended on it
Until Freedom pointed out that to love without expectation
Was really the way to enjoy life
And to be free from worry and jealousy was fantastic.

Intolerance was fed up with the progeny of vice all over the place
But the Love and Patience team kept quietly on, doing their duty
Gently sweeping up the pieces that were left
In case some young ones started to play with them.

Greed went out shopping for retail therapy
And came back disappointed
Didn’t get a thing
Contentment reminded “actually, you have everything you need.”

The bruise of self realisation started to form.
As the lesson of consequences revealed itself.
Harmony ruled once again.
As the bits and pieces of vices were collected and disposed of.

Tomorrow is definitely another day.


I listen to silence between and behind noise
Then put silence in front, first
I hold my breath and wait

I am still – and noise filters away
The sound of silence fills my head
And permeates into every molecule.

My inner stillness halts the useless thoughts
A protection – and unseen barrier
So only the ethereal can enter.

I breathe in God’s power – taking in all
Sending it into every part of mind, body and soul
So I am full, complete

It seeps and flows through every pore
Every pure thought and vibration
Cleanses bodiness like a pure torrent.

Stillness regains it’s identity – it’s usefulness.
Now completely absorbed in God’s light and love
I remain very still so His magic can work.

Love is my leader
17 February 2012

Staying very still – I float in an ocean of love
Absorbing love into every part of me
Spiritually, physically and emotionally.

An enthusiastic love of life draws me
Into the drama to play out my role
Where love is sometimes dormant yet always present.

I am a sparkling star of hope and love.
From my essence, constant sparks of love scatter all around me
As I gently move from place to place.

A spark of love ignites hope in a passing soul
A spark of mercy connects another to the love of the Father
Courage is awakened in a needy soul.

Determination arises out of an aim for victory.
Faith that had been lost, is found
Contentment and joy emerge from where they were hidden.

I dive deeper into the Ocean of Love
Into a silence with no thoughts
And a feeling of a strong connection
Remembered from long, long ago.

As I surface – vibrant waves of love
Spray out from me – far and wide
Transforming anything negative in my path.

This ancient source of true love
Leads me out of criticism or comparison
Into a surging benevolent energy
Which reaches out to heal and nurture sorrowful souls.

And I am blissfully happy

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  1. Moa

    I like the poem, Day by day, little by little. It is light and gentel in expressing the roller coaster of life.

  2. wendy

    I think these poems are a great example of thoughts that are controlled and peaceful, showing the practical benefits of meditating regularly.

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