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Dadi Janki Birthday Message by Priyanka Chopra

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    Why it is believed that women only have the virtues of the soul e.g. tolerance, patience,peace and purity of mind etc.etc.? I think men are more stronger in these aspects since they are the one who has to face and take on the harsh out side world to sustain their family. Is it not a gender discrimination? Please explain why women only are given prominence in BK while the respected founder is an enlightended male?

    • Shireen Chada

      The Feminine and the Masculine in Brahma Kumaris

      There is always a danger in generalizing. To say that men like this and women that like that is the same as saying that Chinese are like this and Indians are like that.

      At a purely spiritual level there is no difference between souls in female or male bodies. Souls have no gender.
      Virtues such as tolerance, patience and love are generally labelled as feminine, whereas courage, determination and dynamism are packaged in the male camp.

      In the awareness of being a soul acting through a physical body, we can harness any virtue from the whole spectrum, from the more passive to the more active. Unfortunately, when we are under the influence of identification with the body, we can notice both the suppression of more feminine virtues in men and the more masculine ones in women.

      Even in this, there is the risk of generalizing. There are many courageous and determined women as well as loveful and tolerant men. The founder of Brahma Kumaris, Prajapita Brahma, was one such soul. He put women in front to help them become more courageous, independent-minded and self-sufficient. At the same time, men who became involved in the activities had the chance to become more humble and accepting. Both genders had the chance to balance out the excesses that social norms and body-consciousness had placed on them.
      Ken O’Donnell

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