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9TH July 2014
Nairobi, Kenya

We had the fortune of the First Lady of the Republic of Kenya HE Mrs Margaret Kenyatta visit the Brahma Kumaris Serve Africa Retreat Centre in Nairobi to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Serve Africa on Wednesday 9th July 2014.

Her Excellency had confirmed her visit almost a month before the visit. Just two days before thousands of Kenyans rallied for an anti-government demonstration in the capital’s central park amid heavy police presence, with political and ethnic tensions. The BK’s had an all night vigil that everything remains peaceful and the programme goes on as planned.

The officials from the State House visited the centre many times in advance to prepare for the visit and it was a chance to serve them as well. On the day of the visit there were over 20 security officers, media persons, state house housekeeper, butler etc on duty all around the centre from almost 2 hours before the programme. The red carpets were laid from in the parking area to the entrance of the reception.

The escort police siren could be heard from far
and Her Excellency arrived on the dot of 11am and was welcomed by Vedantiben, Kenny, Mary Coulson and she was presented with a lovely bouquet by Priya.

She was escorted to the office where she signed the visitor’s book stating that she had the pleasure of visiting the
place again. She had been coming to the centre many years ago for classes so all the memories were returning.

After a brief introduction of her programme for the day she was taken to Baba’s room where she was explained by Tonybhai about how the founder Brahma Baba connected to the Supreme Soul and carried out this work of transformation and became like an angel.

She was then given a brief explanation on the pictorial exhibition about Soul, God, Meditation and Cycle by Perkinbhai. When she saw the picture of the Cycle she said “I know this”.

A brief house tour was organized for her to see the retreat centre and she was taken around by Bhavikshaben and Shahin. She was very impressed with the rooms of the retreat centre.

The aim was to give her an experience during this visit to the Brahma Kumaris centre so only the Brahmins and a few contacts were invited to attend the programme. They were all seated
by 10.30am in a powerful state of mediation, the power of which
was being experienced by all around. The State House MC also
had to ask he could disturb their meditation to make an announcement.

In the meantime Her Excellency was escorted by Urvashiben to the Lotus room for a brief meditation before joining everyone in the auditorium.

After a moment of silence, the State House MC handed over the programme to Diptiben who welcomed the First Lady on behalf of Vedantiben and the members and friends of the Brahma Kumars programme started with a beautiful Indian welcome dance by
Matangi. Br Kavila, who had served in Angola during Serve Africa, introduced the Brahma Kumaris and its activities around the world.

A presentation on the history of beginning of service in Africa, the 10 years of Serve Africa project and the next step of Serve Africa – Write to God in Africa was presented by Diptiben. Her Excellency and the others were very touched with the service in Africa inspite of the difficult circumstances and conditions.

Br Kiuri an architect by profession shared his experience of how meditation has benefited his working life.

Her Excellency and Vedantiben were invited on to the stage and Sr Joan and Jennifer officially welcomed them by presenting them with a bouquet.

A special message from Dadi Janki for the First Lady was read and presented to the First Lady in the form of a scroll by Jyotsnaben.

Vedantiben shared her inspiration and blessing from the heart and this love just melted the heart of Her Excellency and everyone present.

Her Excellency commended the work of the Brahma Kumaris in Africa mentioning the Peace Messenger Award given by the UN and the Write to God project. She said it needs a lot of determination and courage to carry out the project of Serve Africa in a short time.

The programme ended with a short powerful meditation with a live commentary which lead everyone in a loveful, pure and peaceful state.

Her Excellency Mrs Margaret Kenyatta and Vedantiben lighted a candle and cut the cake to celebrate the occasion. Gifts were shared with Her Excellency.

She was then escorted for a photograph session and to the Write to God Monument where the 100,000 letters from the people of Kenya are preserved.

Finally before departing, to express the love and power she received in the 2 hours in the company of holy swans she gave a loveful hug to Vedantiben.

This picture of HE The First Lady Margaret Kenyatta together with Sr Vedanti cutting the cake to commemorate 10 years of ‘Serve Africa’ was in Daily Nation newspaper the next day.

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