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Dear Duality !


Pavan Patale, Finland.

Here is one of my carefree musing, thought over while loitering the corridors of daily quandary of life.

Dear Duality,
You are there everywhere, whether it’s
the behavior of light
the usage of intellectual might

Some want to become hero of masses
Some want to remain darling of classes..Read More

For the Love of Sacred Play

Bebe Butler, USA

denise_scotto About ten years ago, I went to a Brahma Kumaris retreat in Vancouver, British Columbia. There was a workshop on freeing expression. The facilitator put out huge pieces of white paper and asked us to paint our feelings as she guided us into a space of silence.

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Spirituality in Creativity

BK Elaine Brooke

When I was a little girl I made dolls cradles from shoe boxes and matchboxes, complete with drapes and covers etc. and sewed outfits for the dolls. As a teenager I bought material from the market in the morning, made a dress in the afternoon, and wore it at night to the youthclub dance.

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Artist’s Statement – Benoit (France)

How does contemplation influence your art and your life in this world?

denise_scottoI was born contemplative!
9 pounds of pure contemplation!

As a toddler, I was so quiet that my aunt thought I was sick, especially as compared to my cousin, her son, who broke his voice crying and screaming in his cradle… He became a lawyer!!

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A Contemplative Life

denise_scotto A contemplative life has less to do with sitting and thinking deeply – and more to do with living in accordance with these deep thoughts. Living consciously impacts everything in a natural way.

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Address to freshman at Boston Conservatory

Given by Karl Paulnack,
Pianist, and director of music division at Boston Conservatory.
Karl Paulnack Welcome Address

denise_scotto One of my parents’ deepest fears, I suspect, is that society would not properly value me as a musician, that I wouldn’t be appreciated. I had very good grades in high school, I was good in science and math, and they imagined that as a doctor or a research chemist or an engineer, I might be more appreciated than I would be as a musician.

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