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Dearest Dadi Janki by Monica Willard


Dearest Dadi Janki,

It is such an honor to reflect on the words Peace and Dignity as I wish you a Happy 100th Birthday, especially since “Partnerships for Peace – Dignity for All” is the 2015 theme for the United Nations International Day of Peace. As this day comes to a close, I end it by sending my love and appreciation to you and to let you know that I have had you in my thoughts and prayers throughout this day.

As various ways of expressing peace were discussed at the UN, at the Church Center for the United Nations Chapel, at Central Park and at the Roerich Museum, many people shared that peace is an inner quality, a way of life. That world peace comes from inner peace. I thought of how Dadi Janki just is peace. To be in your presence is to feel how you radiate peace and invite others to freely recognize and express their peaceful natures. Your loving kindness is felt and appreciated and can be transformative.

Whether you are in a large or small group, you have a way of making each person feel more special about themselves just because they have met you. I am so grateful to have met you and to have felt your powerful, peaceful energy. Thank you for being a living example of how peace and dignity are linked within us and how they can be expressed in our every action.

You are peace. You live peace. You inspire peace.

May Peace Prevail on Earth,

Monica Willard
URI United Nations Representative
International Day of Peace (September 21)
NGO Committee, Co-chair

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Dadi Janki – Anam Cara (“soul friend”) by BK Waddy, USA

Anam Cara (“soul friend”)

How amazing that someone who has been on a spiritual path twice as long as you have and who in chronological age is your elder by some 35 years; who even whilst being a guiding light and mentor to thousands, can make you feel that you are her friend! Has she ever once, not been happy to see you, and offer heart felt hospitality? Has she ever criticized you even when in your own eyes you were very flawed? Did she ever doubt you when you shared confidences, or not trust that your intentions came from a good place?


She is more than a friend in that what she models becomes what you desire for yourself. Is she simply the mirror or did she plant those seeds? It doesn’t matter, because either way the love and trust that comes from friendship – where roles do not exist – guarantees a sense of equality that has nothing to do with position, but with a sameness of heart that makes learning from her the most easy and natural thing in the world.

BK Waddy, USA

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Dadi Janki Birthday Message by Priyanka Chopra

Dadi Janki Birthday Message by Priyanka Chopra


Happy 100

dadi_janki_bkmeditationMilestone Message from Hon Mahen Kumar Seeruttun
Ministry of Argo-Industry and Food Security

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Message from Jacqueline Cambata

Dear dear Dadi, Happy 100!


An angel among us, that is how I describe my experience with Dadi Janki.

I remember the first Call-of-the- Time Dialogue I attended, Dadi was sharing with us how simple it is to be filled with JOY, “just have pure thoughts”. I was thinking, easy for you to say Dadi, I’ve bought into the thinking of “no pain, no gain.” All my red alert sirens were going off. A part of me wanted to be awakened to piloting my own thoughts. In the back of the mountains of Peace Village, however, I could hear the fierceness of my thoughts passing which brought me face to face in my mind’s eye with Dadi. STOP. Redirect. Create a symphony not a cacophony.

Dadi embodies the divine both in her laser-like intelligence and in her playfulness. One of my favorite images is of Dadi dancing with us in India. She lights up a room with her intention.

So Dadi, every soul you have touched, like me, is eternally grateful. You have a giant presence and a generous teaching spirit.


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  1. BK.Shoba

    Spiritualism is visible in action.
    Simplicity can become a sample for others.
    Genuine unconditional love will attract others very naturally.
    Tower of Peace will always be the wonder for the world.
    All these four combined together is our Dadi Jankiji.
    Very proud of you dadima.
    I salute from my Happy Heart and Head Cool.
    Bk Shoba,Pollachi, India.

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