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Dear Family,

We are happy to share the news about Brahmakumaris Chief “Dr.Dadi Janki” being conferred “Bharat Gaurav Award” on Wednesday 23 July 2014 at House Of Commons. London in presence of Dignitaries from all over the World.


Due to her ill health, Rev. Dadi ji could not travel to UK for receiving the Award personally, hence on her behalf the European Director of Brahma Kumaris ‘Didi Jayanti ji’ received the Award. Attached with this mail are photographs of Award Ceremony.

Thank You.

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  1. Barbara Bohni

    Can anyone explain what a Bharat Gaurav Award is given for? Is it an International award? It sounds like something given in India, but why is it given by the House of Commens in London? Isn’t this a British Government Office Building/Institution?

    • Moderator

      The Bharat Guarav Award is organised by the All India Human Welfare Council and they give awards to those who have done outstanding work in the community. It is not clear from the site whether the awards are restricted to Projects in India, but appears to be. The organisers chose the House of Commons to give the award. It is possible for organisations to use a room in the House of Commons or the House of Lords to hold meetings, as long as they get an MP or Lord to agree to host the meeting. The website is: bharatguaravaward.com

      • Moderator

        Many people find it difficult to understand the idea of the Cycle as taught by the Brahma Kumaris. The reason the Cycle is important is to help us understand how we – and the whole world – change over time. We call this process “Drama.” You can read more about this on the BK International website.

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