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Anam Cara (“soul friend”)

How amazing that someone who has been on a spiritual path twice as long as you have and who in chronological age is your elder by some 35 years; who even whilst being a guiding light and mentor to thousands, can make you feel that you are her friend! Has she ever once, not been happy to see you, and offer heart felt hospitality? Has she ever criticized you even when in your own eyes you were very flawed? Did she ever doubt you when you shared confidences, or not trust that your intentions came from a good place?


She is more than a friend in that what she models becomes what you desire for yourself. Is she simply the mirror or did she plant those seeds? It doesn’t matter, because either way the love and trust that comes from friendship – where roles do not exist – guarantees a sense of equality that has nothing to do with position, but with a sameness of heart that makes learning from her the most easy and natural thing in the world.

BK Waddy, USA

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