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First published in 1987, Kindred Spirit magazine describes itself as the ultimate global guide to positive change. Each issue covers a range of diverse subjects such as spiritual growth, personal development, complementary therapies, travel, health and much more.

In recognition of the contribution and impact individuals, places and organizations have on its readership in a meaningful way, the magazine invited readers to vote for contributors that have made a difference to them.

Through the annual awards it’s their intention to focus on what’s positive in our world – despite the huge challenges many face and endure, the trauma of those living in difficult circumstances across the globe, and the fight to protect the Earth herself. They feel it’s time that those working from a place of authenticity, who are motivated from the heart, should be recognized.

The Braham Kumaris have been contributing written material for the magazine for a number of years. This year we were one of six nominees under the ‘spiritual community initiative’ category – described as ‘an organisation or association that undertakes important social or spiritual work’.

The Awards Ceremony took place on Saturday 24th May 2014 at the Mind Body and Spirit Show at Earls Court in London. With a packed audience and the energy buzzing, everyone waited in anticipation for the ceremony to begin.

Dr Robert Holden, well known and revered author in the Mind Body Spirit community, hosted and managed the proceedings with great charisma. Presenting the awards were co-editors of Kindred Spirit Tania Ahsan and Claire Gillman.

A great cheer resounded when the winner of the Community Initiative was announced to be the Brahma Kumaris. It was wonderful to see how the Brahma Kumaris are becoming a well know organisation within the MBS community. Dr Robert Holden was indeed very complimentary of the work carried out by the Brahma Kumaris and the fact that it charges nothing for the invaluable contribution it makes towards spiritual development of individuals.

Rosemary Turberville Smith received the award graciously on behalf of the Brahma Kumaris. She congratulated everyone who contributes to the well being of individuals and in that sense everyone was a winner. She thanked all those who voted and thanked Kindred Spirit for the wonderful work they continue to do to nurture and inspire individuals.

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