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Remembering Dadi Prakashmani, a woman of spirit

GMA News

With a mind saturated from decades of academic study and jaded by political activism, I yearned for the simplest way to make sense of life. Somehow, amid the composite pathways I took in my young adult life, I knew that a spiritual path would provide the ultimate answers to my questions.

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My 98-Year-Old Dadi in Honor of Women’s History Month

Huffington Post

A few days ago, I witnessed a meeting on live streaming when my 98-year-old Dadi, called Janki, was dancing and laughing away! Dadi means Elder in Sindhi, a language from Sindh, Pakistan. When I was a teenager, she came into my life via my mother and father who attended an event in Miami, Florida, in the 1980s. The live stream conversation featured, “How to Remember God Accurately” by Dadi Janki…

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