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Dear dear Dadi, Happy 100!


An angel among us, that is how I describe my experience with Dadi Janki.

I remember the first Call-of-the- Time Dialogue I attended, Dadi was sharing with us how simple it is to be filled with JOY, “just have pure thoughts”. I was thinking, easy for you to say Dadi, I’ve bought into the thinking of “no pain, no gain.” All my red alert sirens were going off. A part of me wanted to be awakened to piloting my own thoughts. In the back of the mountains of Peace Village, however, I could hear the fierceness of my thoughts passing which brought me face to face in my mind’s eye with Dadi. STOP. Redirect. Create a symphony not a cacophony.

Dadi embodies the divine both in her laser-like intelligence and in her playfulness. One of my favorite images is of Dadi dancing with us in India. She lights up a room with her intention.

So Dadi, every soul you have touched, like me, is eternally grateful. You have a giant presence and a generous teaching spirit.


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  1. lakhya

    I join bhrahma kumaris

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