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Happy 100 years, dear Dadi! Since I first met you in Manila in l986 you have been Teacher, Mentor (who pulled my ears), Guardian, Mother, Sister, Friend, Leader, and Peace Advocate – tirelessly playing the roles which women have played in human history. You have been these not only to me, but also to countless women and men the world over. I marvel at the sustainability of your teachings, given both from a distance and up close – India, USA, Australia, the Philippines always relevant, practical, elevated, yet intimate. The magnet of your spiritual strength and the inspiring example of your daily life transcends time and space. Such is Shakti power, the power of women leaders who serve the Lord and humanity, unselfishly and joyfully.

The United Nations commemorates International Women’s Day on March 8 to celebrate the achievements the world over of women, NGOs, and Governments who have, since the founding of the United Nations in l945, struggled for the realization and exercise of the social, political and economic rights of women. Indeed, the United Nations and its Member States as well as NGOs have played pivotal, historic roles in advancing women’s rights throughout the globe as demonstrated, especially, in the Nairobi (l985) and the Beijing (l995) Women’s Conferences. Women leaders, like Dadi Janki, the Administrative Head of the Brahma Kumaris, have made their own unique contribution to the women’s movement, adding new dimensions to it. By emphasizing that the spiritual has priority in our lives and teaching that human beings are essentially souls, Dadi Janki empowers women to discover their inner selves as well as the eternal values of truth, goodness, love and self-mastery. In so doing, the lives of many women and young girls have become spiritually richer and more meaningful.

Happy 100 years, Dadi Janki, and thank you!

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