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by Lynne Franks

Like many of my generation, I have an aged parent who has severe dementia and who very sadly isn’t going to get better. Decisions on how to ensure the remainder of her time contains a certain good quality of life are of major concern to me.

“She is 90 years old, frail, sleeps most of the time and is certainly not conscious of most things happening in her world. It is tragic and breaks my heart.

“My spiritual teacher is a woman called Dadi Janki. Just entering her 100th year, she leads the Brahma Kumaris spiritual organization, is a globally respected yogi who has meditated many hours a day since girlhood and works powerfully for world peace.

“She is fragile but very present. She calls me her friend and opens her arms to me even if she hasn’t seen me for a year or more, teaching me that true leadership is incognito, raising up others from underneath and reminding me and others that there are no worries in life if we move our egos aside and give our problems to the divine.

“As a BK, Dadi has led a life of celibacy and purity, dedicated to world service. My mother was a healer for many years, offering freely together with my father, her form of reiki to those in her neighbourhood who were sick and in pain.

“And both these beautiful women of a certain age still offer me a huge gift whenever I see them. They offer me something very simple that gives me great joy. They both give me a big smile full of unconditional love.

“These women, even with weakened bodies and in my mother’s case, a weakened mind, still have the most important aspect of their beings well and whole. They both still have their souls intact, allowing them to be the truly wondrous beings they are.

“Our souls are the key aspect to our true identity as men and women. Most of us are aware that to feel physically well we need to take care of our bodies with fresh, healthy food, regularly exercise and plenty of rest. But for optimal well being and a truly fulfilled life we also need to take care of our souls. Our soul is an infallible compass that guides us to our life purpose and through the necessary changes that lead us from unrewarding work or personal situations to the rich life we came here to experience.

“This March is an important month of regeneration and rebirth for me when I intend to reconnect with my inner wisdom and soul guidance to move forward with more clarity, vision and inspiration. The early part of the month, as those who are regular readers of this page will know, is when I fully engage with a number of activities around International Women’s Day on March 8th.

“February has been challenging and busy too. My focus has been ensuring the success of the UK One Billion Rising event on Valentine’s Day as part of the global campaign to raise awareness of sexual violence against women and young people. Working in such a dark area and becoming aware of so many horror stories endemic in our country has not been easy.

“I am also moving house and have some huge life decisions to make. So I have decided there is only one thing to do – and that is focus on some healing on my soul. I intend to get back to regular meditation, eating well, live as healthily as I can – and most of all, ensure my soul stays calm and peaceful.

“I am very fortunate that I host the wonderful BLOOM Retreats in my home in Mallorca and this March I intend to enjoy some of our soul healing retreats in the comfort of my own backyard.

“I realize that I cannot begin to support others unless I love and care for myself. This was brought home to me while reading fairy stories to several small girls during my three-year-old grandson’s birthday party today when after going through Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Cinderella, we all agree that as much as we liked boys, we were all strong princesses, who didn’t need a prince to rescue us, but are able to be courageous and strong ourselves.

“So that’s the message that I am hearing from my higher self. It’s time to take care of myself so I can ensure I stay well and centered and so be able to support and give to others who I love. Join me at one of our nurturing and healing BLOOM Retreats in Mallorca this Spring and heal your body and soul too.


“Make a list of five actions you have completed in the last seven days which express self-care and wellbeing. If there are less than five, make a list of creative ways of starting now.”

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