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Once I was in a meeting with Dadi Janki and a large group engaged in a vibrant discussion with many opinions floating around. Suddenly Dadi stopped and began to look at each one with such an expression of love. The group became quiet and the atmosphere changed and after quite some time she spoke slowly but very lovingly: “It is love that makes me move, it is love that takes me beyond all limits, it is love that makes me face all obstacles, it is love that makes me tireless,…love has so many blessings. Learn how to draw true love from God.”

Dadi’s face radiated the love she was talking about. The whole group that only a few minutes earlier had been so engaged in discussion was now transported into a silent atmosphere of love. Dadi then said “The ultimate result of all knowledge is to be totally loving.” Something touched me so deeply at that point — that when knowledge becomes wisdom the highest expression of that is through love. I noticed, as my heart was filled with this pure love Dadi was talking about, my mind became so still like a sacred space inside filled with God’s love. I truly experienced the ultimate result of knowledge to be filled with divine love.

Charles Hogg
National Coordinator
Brahma Kumaris, Australia

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  1. sergio

    wah Dadi ! wah Charlie

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