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1. Purity. A pure heart is a clean heart. Truth lives in the heart that is housed with pure feelings.

2. Truth.Truth is realized with a loving intellect. Love enables the intellect to become a golden vessel that holds the pure power, the “shakti” of God’s love.

3. Patience. Patience is the manifestation of stillness in the mind. When the mind is silent, listening to others is an act of kindness that opens the heart to trust.

4. Humility. A humble heart is an honest heart that dances to the beat of happiness with no limits or conditions.

5. Sweetness. Words convey the sentiments of the heart. Words spoken from the seed of love and respect color the world with sweet vibrations of benevolence.

6. Maturity. Maturity comes naturally with lessons learnt and experiences gained. It leads to a strength that nurtures love, kindness, and compassion. Maturity cultivates a dignified heart that is disturbed by nothing and no one.

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