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Over the past several years, the Brahma Kumaris sustenance team launched a number of special initiatives intended to support BKs in their spiritual understanding, personal growth, and daily practice. The most recent initiative “Seeing into Being” that began on September 1, 2016 is both the most well received – and the most criticized – of these initiatives.

Why was this initiative created? Current world affairs demonstrate the need for a clear, strong vision for the future. Even though much of the post-modern world indulges in an internal dialogue of cynicism, Brahma Kumaris believe that most people really do crave a beautiful new world. All individuals and groups are conditioned by their internal dialogue. So, the questions posed by this initiative are: “What kind of internal perceptions and dialogues maximize human potential? Can our image of the future be self-fulfilling?”

“Seeing into Being” features professionally-conducted interviews with senior BK teachers from around the globe who offer their personal reflections and insights on a “golden age” of peace and harmony. Interviewees are providing rich descriptions of their personal experiences in meditation or particular encounters
over many years of practicing Raja Yoga.

Both the interviewer and interviewees have stated that these reflections are personal experiences and should be taken as such. The statements made by the interviewer or interviewees are intended to encourage and inspire BKs to engage in personal reflections on this topic, and are not official statements by the Brahma Kumaris organization.

While many positive comments have been received about this initiative, there has been a concerted effort by some BKs to use this initiative for contrary purposes. Comments on websites and social media have crossed the line by engaging in personal attacks against the interviewer, some interviewees, and the LGBTQ community in general. These comments do not reflect the respectful relationships we seek to share with all people. When one person or group of people is attacked, it hurts everyone and amplifies the downward spiral of fear, anger and hate.
This is a huge mistake and violates the spiritual principles of the organization.

Some of the statements being circulated and shared via social media may rise to the level of hate propaganda or hate speech by ridiculing and attacking an identifiable group of individuals. In many countries, including the UK, USA and Canada, this is illegal and would be the basis for criminal prosecution.

“Seeing into Being” is exactly what BK students have given their lives to: creating an upward spiral, a dynamic, creative approach to envisioning a radically different world from the one in which we are living today. As this initiative unfolds, the Brahma Kumaris invites public participation to individually and collectively activate those aspects of a new world that everyone desires: a world with peace, purity, happiness, love, and harmony.

BK students have clear rights to comment and criticize actions taken by the organization; many have made their voices heard over the years. However, to use this initiative as a platform to humiliate any individual or ridicule any particular group, violates the principle of spirituality equality which is the foundation of all we do. We urge everyone to use social media in a positive and productive way.

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