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Dear Dadi Janki,


Happy 100! What a God-sent blessing you have been for so very many souls all around the world over these years! With high energy and trust in God you have been giving exemplary service to the BK community worldwide and become a recognized world spiritual leader. I shall always be grateful for your personal kindness, love, generous spirit and openness which has allowed this priest to have a share in the BK family. Although time has passed since we last met, memories remain of all the times that I have been in your presence and “sat at your feet” at Oxford and London and received pearls of God’s wisdom through your teaching. In your classes, and with such a simple and uncluttered manner, you have opened many eyes to see in a new way the profoundest spiritual truths about life-about who we are, our connection to God, how to navigate in this life and the destiny of the world. I still find myself reading notes from your classes that I attended and am still guided, as I am certain that many are, by your Call of the Times gems of wisdom. In fact, who and what I am today as a priest of the Church has been greatly influenced in some important ways by BK teaching and by your example. And who has not been blessed by the gaze of God through your gift of drishti or by the sweetness of God’s love through the gift of toli from your hands! So, Dadi Janki, I join the multitudes who are sending you birthday greetings and their love at this auspicious time. Holding you close to my heart as a son to his mother, I offer you the gift of my prayer that you be strengthened by the knowledge of our love for you, and that you enjoy deep peace and a profound sense of gratitude and fulfillment for all your days.


(The Rev. Canon Lloyd S. Casson,
Rector Emeritus, Episcopal Church of Saints Andrew and Matthew
Wilmington, Delaware)

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