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dadijanki“Congratulations to Dadi Janki on her one hundredth year of life!

There is something magnetic about a life that is devoted to the highest possibility of personal purity, infectious hospitality and deepest communion. I have been blessed to witness and experience these qualities in Dadi Janki. And not only me, but URI people throughout the world! We have all been carried along from our beginning until now by the extraordinary welcome and friendship that Dadi Janki has made available to us.

In some traditions, the potential for sainthood is meticulously studied for years in order to guarantee the worthiness of a candidate. But in the case of Dadi Janki, sainthood is self-evident. You know it when you see it.

Both personally and on behalf of the URI family in eighty-five nations, I salute you on being so transparent to the Divine Presence for so long. This world is much enriched by your efforts.

In Peace,
+William E. Swing “

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