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Dadi Janki is a spiritual giant in a tiny body. When she walks into a room and gazes around at the audience, her eyes, her soul begin to talk without words. You know you are in the presence of a God-sent human being.

Since I met her, her melodious voice (she always speaks in Hindi with an artful translator next to her,) remains in my heart like a mantra. Her words are full of wisdom, love, clarity, authority, and humor. She says what many spiritual teachers may say, but she speaks with true authority because you can tell that she is a living example of what she preaches and teaches. Her hands! Her hands are unforgettable as well. As she speaks her hands are like birds that swirl in the air, gracefully underlining what she says, revealing the true essence of what she is communicating.

The million-member global organization she leads, mainly run by women in a truly feminine style, is a true example of what humanity needs today, and what Lekhraj Kripalani, the founder of the Brahma Kumaris, foresaw more than 80 years ago. I call it tip-toe, holistic management. These white clad, angelic women with beaming eyes, manage an extremely modern, up-to-date and efficient organization, with gentleness, creativity, beauty, firmness, and discipline combined. Always with a smile! Dadi Janki is a living proof of how power and femininity can be a perfect combination to lead towards sustainable change. This is still a rare jewel in today´s world. Though there are many women heads of state, we don´t find many national or global leaders, like Dadi Janki, that lead with a unconditional love and a gentle yet very firm and transformative grip.

María Eugenia Estenssoro, National Senator and Legislator of the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina

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