Anthony Strano

I appreciate your point and perhaps the destruction issue in my answer could have been clearer . . . however saying that still I would emphasize the inner transformation because I feel this is at the heart of Raja Yoga teachings, at least for me. As a teacher that is always the emphasis I give for people because the primary need is to understand and empower their inner system by activating the positive blueprints of their being. I have always done that . . . concentrated on this primary aspect of knowledge. I live in Greece, where ancient sources such as Plato spoke of cyclic changes spanning eternity. And when in Australia at University did a short thesis on St Augustine who refuted the cyclic idea of history to his linear concept. I had read often the Roman poet Ovid. All these include a destruction/transformative time when something better afterwards is established. So the article I wrote for the website was aiming more at showing an overall historical and cultural perspective about destruction/transformation.

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