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World Server Dadi Janki 100

Dadi Janki is loved as a world mother, revered as a spiritual leader, and considers herself a humble instrument of God. Dadi has dedicated her entire life in service to humanity. On January 2015, Dadi Janki entered her 99th year and in 2016 she will be 100 years old. As a tribute to this incredible milestone, we have created “CenterPeace.” As the Head of the Brahma Kumaris she is the main representative to the United Nations and since 1980 has taken keen interest in global initiatives. In honoring her centennial, “CenterPeace” will spotlight highpoints from her travels around the world and across the seven seas. We will focus on the essence of her contribution, participation and engagement as a United Nations Wisdom Keeper over many decades of UN conferences, International Days and Weeks.

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Is A Vegan Diet the Answer to Food Safety?

April 9, 2015 | 3 Comments
Is A Vegan Diet the Answer to Food Safety?

There are 101 reasons to adopt a plant-based diet or to go VEGAN as it is the most common expression at the moment when speaking of food safety. I would like to share my motivation for adopting this lifestyle.

From …

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